Ground Source Heat Pumps

If you currently use electricity, oil, LPG Gas or coal for your heating you could make savings by installing a heat pump.

Ground Source Heat pumps (GSHP) take heat from the ground and allow you to use this energy to heat your home or building.

How An GSHP Can Work For You

Reduced Heating Bills

An GSHP essentially offers ‘free’ energy. It delivers more heat energy than the electrical energy it takes to operate. For every one unit of energy an GSHP requires to operate, it can deliver up to four units of energy for your home. It’s this ‘free’ energy that makes an GSHP attractive, especially to anyone who cannot access gas as they have the most to gain.

Support the Planet

Cut your carbon footprint. The GSHP uses the heat from the ground, which is free and a renewable energy source, for low cost heating and hot water production.

Is My Property Suitable?

C2 Renewable Solutions are MCS accredited installers for both air and ground heat pumps and recommend them for use in properties with good insulation and draft-proofing. New-build residential properties are particularly suited due to the modern construction methods while commercial buildings can also benefit.

The choice between air or ground source pumps will often be determined by the available space outside your property. Ground source heat pumps require pipework to be installed beneath the ground adjoining the property which as a rule of thumb might be two to three times as large as the property. While this makes ground source heat pumps a great option for more rural and agricultural buildings, urban properties are likely to be more suited to air source.

What Are My Expected Savings?

The savings you can make using ground source heat pumps will be affected by a number of factors including building construction, the heating fuel being replaced and the type of heat distribution system in use (radiators, warm air or underfloor for example).

C2 Renewable Solutions will always carry out a full survey of your property before making any recommendations on which technology to install. This ensures our assessment of the savings you can expect to see are based on your actual property and how you use it.

C2 Renewable Solutions Recommends

There are a number of ground source heat pumps available in the market however C2 Renewable Solutions recommend using KENSA for your individual requirements.

Kensa are an award-winning company from Cornwall with more than 15 years’ experience and are the UKs largest manufacturer.

Please check out their video.  We like this product because it offers high efficiencies, compact equipment sizes and user friendly control options to provide customers with a discreet, simple to operate energy efficient heating solution. 

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